Why buy a custom PC

Many people believe, that the world of computers is so confusing. Others believe it is so easy. And yet more others are unsure where they stand. So, you may ask, finding a buying experience for both markets must be next to impossible, right? Well, you may find you are wrong there.


My name is Alexander Straker. I have recently begun offering custom laptops, to be configured however you want, from the comfort of your own PC. But what has come to my attention is that although many people are aware of the ability to configure your system online, a lot of people are either intimidated by all the options, or confused as to why this is better. And even more people don’t know we even exist. Well, good news, for I am here to enlighten you!


The computer business was one of the first to be advertised on the internet, with a great many ecommerce stores still being dedicated to selling computers, even now. Even more companies offer computers among their other products, like supermarkets and places like Argos. Often, people are attracted by the extremely low price, or dazzled by brand they are buying from. Those that do purchase from a custom computer builder often are delighted by the service, the value, and the vast range of customisation options. So why don’t people do this more? Well, that is what I am going to tell you here and now. The pro’s and con’s of the computer market, along with my personal advice for securing your own custom system at really good value.


So, first off I guess are the pro’s. I myself am a big fan of custom PC’s, having experienced the benefits of them quite often over the years. Primarily they offer value. They cannot compete at rock bottom prices (like supermarkets offer). Instead of this, they tend to offer a much better performance to price ratio. For instance, you may get a whole laptop for £300 at a supermarket. However, it will contain the cheapest components at the lowest end of the market. On the other hand, look up the ladder a little and you many find something much more expensive, for instance the HP Pavilion 15-e051sa Notebook, which at the time of writing costs exactly £500 from Tesco direct. You can of course find the exact specifications online, but I will just run through the basic specs below:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-3110M

Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 8 Home edition 64 bit


Screen size: 15.6 Inch


Now, obviously better deals may exist, but from my experience, this is about average for this price range.


Now, would you believe me, if I was to tell you I could not only upgrade the processor and RAM, but also provide a graphics card, for approximately the same price? No, I thought you wouldn’t, but I can. As can a lot of custom pc providers. Do see my point? Not only this, but once you get past the nvidia 650m or 750m, you can rarely get a laptop unless you go to a large provider direct (e.g. Dell), who can be classed as custom providers in their own right.


This allows the gamer to, well, game. Very few standard providers of laptops, or even desktops can offer the value, nor can they offer the immense range that companies like mine can provide.


So why do customers even bother to buy off them, you ask? Well, it all has to do with familiarity. You have a choice when buying a PC, like with everything in life. You can buy a laptop from a well advertised brand, who has stores everywhere, who have adverts everywhere, who everyone is aware of… you get the idea. Or, you could buy from a small company, who doesn’t advertise on TV, or national newspapers because they can’t afford it, they only operate online..you get the idea again?


It is all to do with the marketing. We simply cannot compete with the big brands, so we limit ourselves to targeting customers the big brands don’t cater for. That is the only reason.


Now, I don’t want to make this a marketing pitch, but next time you are in the market for a PC or laptop, I implore you to instead of going straight to PC world, look online. Look at places like my website (xtreme-gaming-solutions.co.uk), pcspecialist.co.uk, gentechpc.com, because they can provide the best value in their price range. And because we don’t have a one-answer fits all support line, we can all provide you with the best after sales advice and assistance.


I hope I have done everyone some service out of this, not least you, the consumer. I felt that the word needed to get out, as very few people are aware of these services. And should you not want to wait for delivery, almost all local repair services provide the same service, should you contact them.


Thanks very much for reading. This post was brought to you by Xtreme Gaming Solutions Limited, a supplier of high end gaming systems and components in the UK (xtreme-gaming-solutions.co.uk).


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